Friday, March 21, 2014

shelves and hooks

Here are some fun shelves and hooks that I've owned for quite some time and recently decided to paint up and let go of.  If you're interested in purchasing any of these goodies visit my For Sale page HERE for measurements and pricing.  *Carved shelf and accordion hooks have sold*

This first one I've had forever.  It was a favorite of mine for a long time and hung in more than one of my apartments over the years.  It was originally stained a dark ebony but I feel like it's true calling was white... (sold)

This little pegged shelf would be adorable hanging in a little girl's room.  Can't you just see a white christening dress hanging from it on a pretty little hanger?  Or a cute little pair of jeans hanging from a belt loop?

Here's another little guy...

I love these vintage accordion hooks.  I have one in my bathroom that I use for hanging my necklaces.  I like how the pegs on this one are nice and chunky...(sold)

My necklaces:


These hooks are attached to an old board with lots of character.  This was our coat rack for the first few years that we lived in this house (where we have no entry closet).  It got ousted when we bought a beautiful old wardrobe to hang our coats in.  I haven't been able to find a new home for the hooks so I painted it and am letting it go...

Here's our current wardrobe which I love!  Note our small entry hall sans closet - hence all of the baskets (btw my plan is to paint the moldings and door white at some point).  There's also a big basket on the floor to the left of the wardrobe, a crate full of my shoes under the bench, and Matt's shoes lined up by the far side of the bench and in a basket under the wardrobe!  Oh yes - and runners in the tote under the stool!  I just realized that the ceramic urn in the corner is empty...haha not for long!

We've had to get creative with storage that's for sure.  It's all worth it though for the charm and character that comes with an oldie ;)

xo Tanya


  1. Love it. You have such great style Tanya:)

    1. Thanks Jen! You do too so the compliment means a lot ;)