Tuesday, March 18, 2014

a new rug!

You may have noticed (or not!) in my last furniture post HERE that something was a little different...a little improved.  I'm very excited to have a new area rug in my studio where I take my pictures.  Bye bye blue, hello lovely sisal!  Sisal is a natural fiber taken from the agave plant so no harmful off-gassing - yay!

I got a fantastic deal on this guy...$79 at Ikea for 9' x 10'!  It was kind of unbelievable.  When Matt and I went to pick up the carpet from the warehouse there were actually two labels on the warehouse shelf - both with the exact same product number.  One said $79 and the other said $135 and on Ikea's website the price is $169 for 6' 7" x 9' 10" (they don't show the larger one online)!

I was a little nervous when I got to the till.  I was really hoping that it was truly $79 because that's what was in my budget.  The cashier scanned it and yep, it came up as $79!  A little strange but hey - no complaints from me :)  If you're looking for this type of area rug then hurry down to Ikea in Coquitlam to buy one before they come to their senses!  Here are a few shots:

xo Tanya

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