Sunday, March 16, 2014

fun finds!

Matt and I went on a little excursion to the States yesterday.  We hit our usual spots:  parcel pick-up, Trader Joe's, Value Village (I go to V.V. while Matt goes to Trader Joe's - perfect!) and to the fabulous Grandiflora where I buy my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...and sometimes a few other goodies (furniture knobs for one).  It's such a tempting shop - they have fantastic stuff...both new and vintage, home and garden.  I highly recommend you stop in if you're ever in the Lynden, Washington area!

Matt usually digs most of my purchases (after all, he hand picks things for me at garage sales, V.V. etc...!).  However, the milk glass collecting he has grown a bit tired of.  Not because he doesn't appreciate the look of it (I think?), but as many of you out there are sure to 'get' first hand, it is an addiction!  A very pretty drug.  A cheap drug.  A very useful drug (for food, for candles etc - we will be using almost all of my collection for both at our there!  haha). 

Because Matt doesn't share my excitement at finding these beautiful milky white goodies, I wanted to start sharing my 'fun finds' with you!  Milk glass...etc!  Here are yesterday's goodies - all from V.V.: 

Super excited about this milk glass's quite large: 

Milk glass beer steins!  Man is beer gonna taste good in these bad boys (Matt has already advised me he won't be using them!):

One day I'll take pics of the buffet in our is full of these guys which hold all of our dry goods:

A little wrinkly but adorable and even has pockets in the sides (pockets are a fav of mine on dresses):

So, the journey was a success!  And no big bucks spent (haha except at Trader Joe's!...gotta stock up!).  Although, for only the 2nd time out of many, many trips, Matt and I were asked at the border to go in and pay tax and duties :(  There's no personal exemption for trips under 24 hours but usually the border guards are very forgiving and allow a certain amount of goods and bevies in tax-free.  Ah well, ya can't win 'em all!  ;)

xo Tanya

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