Thursday, October 17, 2013

cottage coffee table

This cute little coffee table (or bench) was a recent estate sale find.  My fiance Matt and I were in the U.S. on a day trip and were heading back for the border when we saw the estate sale sign at the last minute.  Matt screeched (well, almost!) to a stop and made the turn.  He's a real trooper and is actually a great partner in rummaging.  He knows exactly what my taste in junk is and often finds the good stuff before I do!  About a year and a half ago (I'm getting side-tracked here but!) his co-worker's dad moved from his house into an assisted living home. His entire house and garage were being emptied and things were going to friends, donation or to the dump.  Matt helped his buddy out with the sorting/moving and was offered a chance to look through 'the goods'.  He came home with two car fulls of 'rusty gold'!  He brought home crates, old tool boxes with chippy paint, galvanized buckets and watering cans, old gardening tools, tins, old yardsticks...even an anvil!  Let's just say I was squealing like a little kid on Christmas morning!

Okay, back on track.  The table was originally forest green with a beige top - not a fan of the forest green!  I painted it up, distressed and waxed it and now it's fresh and light and a real cutie ;)

Unfortunately I forgot to take a before would've been a good one, but here she is now:

Have a good one!

xo Tanya

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