Thursday, October 31, 2013

art deco lowboy

This project was an interesting one.  I've had this dresser for a few years and I always knew there was some fun green paint hiding under the white.  When I got around to working on it I decided to simply sand to reveal the green paint and leave it super distressed looking.  After giving the whole dresser a sand to get the white glossy oil based paint off I found that it was such a thin layer of green that as I was sanding one area, the edges of the sander were taking off the green I'd just revealed in other areas.  Not a big prob though as it was a nice soft yellow underneath the green.  I decided to give the whole dresser a coat of Old White ASCP to get a less patchy look.


Then I sanded off the Old White where I wanted the green to show through.  I lined the drawers and I found these great milky green mint knobs at Lee Valley that match the green paint perfectly.  Honestly, I would have liked more green showing (I'd wanted it to be mostly green) but although it looks a bit different than I originally intended, it turned out to be a fun and unique piece!


xo Tanya

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