Saturday, September 14, 2013

elegant accent table and 'Antionette' deco vanity

How was your end-of-summer-vacation/beginning of the school year?  Without kids there's not much of a transition over here.  It seems like a really busy time for parents though!  Hope all went smoothly and for those of you who sent off a wee one to their first day of school, I hope there weren't too many tears for you!

Today I want to show you a few pieces I've completed in the last little while.  First off is an adorable shabby-chic art deco vanity.  This baby took a lot of work!  The finish was flaking off all over the place and I had to spend a fair amount of time sanding it completely off.  Even Annie Sloan paint couldn't save me from that sanding!  After the first coat of water-based Zinsser 1-2-3 primer that I normally use, I saw that the wood tannin and water marks had seeped through.  For the first time ever I picked up an oil-based primer (Kilz) to do the job.  I prefer working with all water-based products but as a furniture re-finisher you're bound to come across a stubborn piece now and again and sometimes only oil-based can do the job.  If anyone has found another way around using oil-based for these situations, please let me know!  In the end, the work was all worth it though.


Next is a little side/accent table with elegant splayed legs that I finished about a month ago.  I meant to restyle it with some colour and retake the pics before showing it to you but I haven't gotten around to it!  The table has been packed into my front room with several other finished pieces so it's not really accessible.  That's my excuse ;)

I've been thinking lately of trying out some graphic transfers.  I love the look of them but haven't attempted it yet.  There are so many different methods that I've been thrown off a bit.  Some methods look fairly easy and some not so much!  The final result seems to look good no matter which way it's done though (at least on the computer they do).  I think this table could use a little something extra and it would be the perfect candidate for my experiment don't you think?  I'll keep you posted!


Elegant Accent Table:  *SOLD*
Antoinette Deco Vanity:  *SOLD*
That's it for today!  Have a good one ;) 

xo Tanya


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