Monday, August 12, 2013

Girl's bedroom set

Today I'd like to share a bedroom set that I've recently posted for sale.  I'm in love with it and wish I had an excuse reason for keeping it!  No babies on the way here though and a single bed isn't as good as a double for guests in our spare bedroom!  The dresser is my fav of the set.  I had a lot of fun painting and distressing this one.  The bed frame however was quite challenging and lengthy to complete.  Why do I continue to acquire spindle bed frames?!!  I have another one in the wings waiting to be refinished - ugg.  When complete they do look worth the effort though don't they?  I have a Jenny Lind style (my fav) coming soon.  Here are the pics of the set (btw, I now have a matching writing desk with vanity chair available...see HERE):


More to come soon!

xo Tanya