Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!

Well hello!  I'm back after a two year absence while I took a break from furniture refinishing.  Looong story, but I had some personal stuff that took me away from furniture projects for a long time ...but I started back at it in December!  I've been much more active with my projects than ever before so the break did me loads of good.

I've completed a whole wack of personal projects this past eight months and have recently completed several pieces for sale.  I figured it was about time that I began posting again on this ol' blog of mine!

I hope to share a bunch of things that I've completed for my home as well as pieces that I'm putting up for sale.  It may take a bit to get back in the swing of posting regularly so bare with me ...whoever's still out there!

xo Tanya

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