Tuesday, May 3, 2011

april update, fur babies, and a single bed frame with french provincial night stand

Last month was a busy month getting a jump on cleaning up our yard after winter (between MANY rain showers), pruning trees, weeding flower beds, and getting veggies started indoors for our first vegetable garden.

April also brought a quick visit with my dad and his wife who generously delivered some old furniture from my grandparents' basement (all to be refinished some day), and a visit with my mom and her partner over the Easter weekend.

Oh yes and there was a weekend trip to visit family as well!  We visited with my sister and her partner, celebrated a friend's bday, headed up for lunch with my dear gramma and one of my aunts, and last but not least, took Matt on a walking tour of one of my favorite old neighbourhoods where I lived for several years.

In addition to visits with family, a week in April was spent doggy-sitting Karma, our tenants' lovely Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog (have I mentioned we have a cat?).  Twas an interesting week...but if our kitty Yasha could talk, I'm sure she'd have choicer words to describe it!  It was a great experience overall and Karma and Yasha took big steps toward becoming friends..or at least being the in the same room together peacefully!  Here are pics of the fur babies:


Karma (cuddling with Matt)

Despite the April busyness I did manage to refinish a few pieces of furniture to finally share with you today.  As you can see, this photo shoot took place on our back deck as I currently don't have a good place to set up a bed frame in our house. 

Although these cute little pieces didn't originally come together, they share similar lines and in my opinion, look great together as a set (they will however be available for purchase separately as well).

If you're interested in these pieces, please click here for measurements and pricing.  Update:  *SOLD*


xo Tanya

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