Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a pain in the neck...and a change

Hello!  My apologies for the long absence!  I've been nursing a very sore neck/back for a good month or so but am almost as good as new (provided I ensure to listen to my body from now on instead of pushing it as per usual).  Once my back started to feel better I started tackling the long overdue task of painting our family room/kitchen area (that doesn't qualify as 'pushing it' does it?).  The whole area was a rust/brick colour...not our colour at all and made the room feel very dark. 

new colours:


Painting is going well and phase 2 is almost complete: phase 1 = 'Anjou Pear' by Benjamin Moore (left) in the family room, phase 2 = 'Coastal Path' (right) in the kitchen.  Phase 3 will be painting the kitchen cabinetry 'Mascarpone' (middle).  I'll post before and after pics once the project is complete in case you'd like to take a look.

What a difference it's made so far!  But wow, I hadn't painted a room in years and forgot how much work it is with all the taping off, patching and edging.  COMPLETELY worth the effort though.  I can't believe I waited a year!  But it really takes living in a space for a while for me to hum and haw and make bigger decisions like paint colour.

Are you procrastinating on painting some rooms in your own house?  If so, I highly recommend getting it over with...one wall at a time!

xo Tanya


  1. pushing it?? who's your mother?

    I paid a painter big bucks but he would put a coat of paint on three rooms between getting off his regular job and going for dinner. my back is fine.LOL


  2. Haha...I know eh? Like mother, like daughter ;) Wow, your painter guy is about 10x as fast as I am!


  3. You have a very nice inspiring blog!

    I follow you...

    greetings from switzerland
    jacqueline ♡