Friday, September 20, 2013

my own studio!

After three and a half years (since we moved into our house) our tenant and good friend Zac moved out :(  He moved back to Ontario where he's originally from.  He moved into our suite when he arrived in BC after a drive across Canada.  Snowboarding is what he seeked and what better place than the Vancouver area with it's three local mountains, and Whistler under a two hour drive away.  He turned out to be a really great tenant and a good friend over the past years and we are sad to see him go.

After unsuccessfully finding a good tenant for September 1st or 15th, we got to thinking about my cramped dining room studio/front room storage area.  I can only work on two pieces maximum at a time because of my lack of space.  Due to the need for things to dry for a few hours or overnight, that doesn't add up to a full day's work.  I could be doing much more at a time if I had more space.  So...I'm moving my studio into our suite!  Yay!!!  Come Saturday I'll have a big room for refinishing, a kitchen for clean up/storage, and a bedroom for staging photos and storing finished pieces.  And...that means we reclaim two rooms in our house...which means we get to move our extra sofa out of our cramped family room (our new sofa went on sale for a great price so we had to scoop it up despite not having the space for it).  This will all be on a trial basis for three months to make sure the move pays off but I'm feeling like it will turn out well.

That's my big news of the week!  I hope you all had a great week with maybe a little good news of your own ;)

Stay tuned for the reveal of some new pieces!

xo Tanya

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