Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'the cobbler's children have no shoes' part 2

....in other words, our furniture has gone unfinished while I've refinished pieces for my business!  For part 1 click HERE.  I've been working at getting some projects completed for our home lately in between furniture I refinish for sale.  Here are two more projects I completed for Matt and I.

I've always loved this first table...it's farmhousey and has that great shelf (I'm a sucker for tables with shelves).

before (needing repairs):



This second one is a bookcase that I inherited from my grandmother.  It never ceases to amaze me how paint can update a piece of furniture.  The bookcase now sits in our study and is filled with books, magazines and vintage finds.  I took some pics of how it looks now but the mismatch of books etc. looks less than appealing in photos:

How do bookcases always look so uniform and nice on pinterest? (cause the REAL books are hidden right?):

Haha it's tempting to turn them all around so only the nice creamy pages show but that would drive Matt crazy!  Oh the days when books were all pretty with solid coloured covers and gold writing!

Below is how the bookcase looked all clean and fresh after painting.  My old turquoise glass water jug (U.S. estate sale find) sits beside it and the grey filing cabinet you can catch a bit of to the right (inherited from my grandfather) is going to be white and on big black casters come spray painting weather.



After this 'part 2' post you're probably getting the idea that our house is filled with nothing but creamy white furniture ...well that's mostly correct!  I prefer light neutrals and like to bring in colour with accessories which can be changed easily and as frequently as I wish.  Although, as you can see HERE, we do have yellowy green walls in our family room!  But I love the colour and never tire of it ('Anjou Pear' by Benjamin Moore).

xo Tanya

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