Tuesday, April 8, 2014

square Bombay & Co. coffee table

I fell in love with the legs on this table the second I saw them.  Aren't they great?  And a good, attractive square coffee table seems hard to come by in my experience.  I'm craving painting a coloured piece after all this white lately but this just had to be white!  I love that it has two drawers - one on each side.  I lined them with some new drawer liner.  Umm...is drawer liner difficult for anyone else to use?  Those darn bubbles can take some time to get out.  Granted, the drawers on this don't come out so I had to tuck my hands under and into the back of the drawers which was no easy feat!  I usually work with wallpaper but I have to say, not having to cut up and fiddle with double-sided tape was a nice change (it can be hard to get the backing off the little pieces).  Here she is (before pic at bottom)...



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xo Tanya


  1. stunning! love the lining inside the drawer too! (and yes, I always get bubbles in mine when I use it - so frustrating!)

    1. Thanks so much Alice! Yes, it's tricky stuff! ;)

  2. What size was this table? I found one online that says 72x72 - not sure thats right!