Friday, November 15, 2013

a new desk

I found this little desk several months back for the bargain price of $12.99.  Thank you Value Village - sometimes you still know how to price like a thrift store!  At first I planned on refinishing this one for sale...and painting it black.  But after starting my move-biz-from-dining-room-down-to-suite shuffle I realized that it would be a great piece to replace the beast of a desk (5 feet by almost 3 feet!) we've been using in our family room.

I still think the desk would look fantastic black, but white was more of the look I was going for in the front room/study I am decorating.  I am still having second thoughts though! 

All these furniture moves have freed up a lot of space in our family room, which will allow me to move a cabinet and make room for book shelves in the study, etc!  There will be pictures eventually once the room is finished.

Here she is:

Stay tuned for some more 'show and tell' soon!

xo Tanya

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