Sunday, December 22, 2013

piano stool

This beautiful antique piano stool needed a bit of fixing when I purchased it (I didn't realize this until I got it home!).  The swivel mechanism no longer worked, it was likely stripped, and a previous owner had installed some make-shift supports for the seat. It wasn't pretty, or functional, as the seat could not be lowered/raised.  

Fortunately while picking up side rails at one of my favorite antique stores (Napier's Country Antiques) in Langley, Matt thought of asking about the piano stool (smart man - it wasn't on my mind at all!).  I totally lucked out, Ken just happened to have what I needed - an original 'threaded dowel' he had salvaged from a piano stool of the same era.  The parts were an exact match so swapping them out took no time at all, and the piece is back to its original condition!  

Next came the actual fun part - painting :)  I used a flat black acrylic paint and finished it with wax. After considering the use a piece like this might see, I added a coat of polyurethane (water-based) on the seat for extra protection.  I've included a before picture at the bottom but unfortunately you can't see the ugly supports someone had nailed on!



xo Tanya

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